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Johnnie Walker is excited to announce the official release of Johnnie Walker Black Label The Director’s Cut – a limited-edition whisky developed in collaboration with visionary Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve and Johnnie Walker Master Blender Jim Beveridge. The new blend comes thirty-five years after Johnnie Walker Black Label appeared in the original Blade Runner film as an iconic whisky of the future. The unique, custom blend and the futuristic bottle were created in partnership with Blade Runner 2049, opening in theaters October 6. Both showcase Johnnie Walker’s commitment to progress and Alcon Entertainment’s dedication to maintaining the legacy of the original sci-fi classic. Fans first saw a peek of the new bottle at Alcon Entertainment’s Blade Runner 2049 Experience presented by Johnnie Walker at San Diego Comic-Con. The bottle will also appear in the new film. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Traveling these days can be complicated with all the rules, restrictions, additional fees, and shrinking leg room – but it doesn’t have to be. Amtrak revealed today an exciting new campaign, dubbed “Break the Travel Quo,” that goes head-to-head against some of the most prevalent pain points of modern day travel and reminds consumers that riding with Amtrak is a far easier, more comfortable and convenient way to travel. “Break the Travel Quo” takes a lighthearted approach to push against the realities of air and car travel that have become par for the course, juxtaposing commonplace scenarios against the comfort and convenience of Amtrak. Not only does Amtrak boast one of the most generous baggage policies in the travel industry – allowing passengers to bring up to four pieces of luggage for free – but the rail company also offers free Wi-Fi, the freedom to use phones and electronic devices at all times (no “airplane mode”), the ability to travel with small pets on many trains, large spacious seats with ample leg room, and no middle seat. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Bilim Karşısındaki Engelleri Aşmak (Break the Science Barrier) - Bölüm 1 Richard Dawkins bilim alanında tanıdık bir isim. Çok satan bir dizi kitabı, Gen Bencildir, Kör Saatçi ve Olasılıksızlık Dağına Tırmanmak (Kuzey Yayınları tarafından Türkçe'ye çevriliyor) ile evrim hakkındaki bakışımızı değiştirdi. Bu yıl (1995) Bilimin Halkça Anlaşılması kürsüsünün ilk Oxford'lı profesörü oldu. Şimdi de bilime bakışımızı değiştirmek istiyor. Bu çok ağır bir top. Gerçek bir gülleden daha ağır çünkü dayanıklı kurşundan yapıldı. İnsan kafasından on kat daha ağır. Şimdi sizden istediğim bu noktaya doğru gitmeniz, topu burnunuza doğru tutmanız. Topu bırakın ve aynı noktada durun. Newton'ın enerji korunumu kanunu nedeniyle bu topun burnunuzun ucunda aniden durup size zarar vermeyeceğinden emin olabilirsiniz. Şu anda bu deneye katılmak isteyen gönüllü var mı? O halde kendim yapmak durumundayım. Asıl sorun bilimin doğal hayatımızın bir parçası olmamasıdır. Hepimiz bu deneyde bir tehlike olmadığını bilmeliyiz. Bilimin bize böyle söylediğini bilmeliyiz. Ancak belli ki hepimiz böyle yapmıyoruz. Benim bu programdaki amacım ise bilimin hayatımızda neden önemli bir yer tutması gerektiğini göstermek. Bilime sırtımızı döndüğümüz ve bilim karşıtlığını kucakladığımız an, yüzyüze kalacağımız tehlikeleri göstermeyi umuyorum. Ve bilimin ne yapabileceğini anlamadan alacağımız riskleri... Başlamak için en uygun yer her şeyin başlangıcına gitmek olacak. Evrenin kökeni hakkında bilmediğimiz çok şey var ve araştırmaya devam etmeliyiz. Fakat evrimsel yaşamın büyük resmi hiç şüpheye yer bırakmayacak şekilde ortaya çıkmıştır. Dünya yaklaşık 4.5 milyar yaşında. Ve kısa bir süre sonra, ilk bir milyar yılda ilk canlı hücreler ortaya çıktı ve bunun ardından hepimiz türedik, tüm bitkiler, tüm hayvanlar, tüm insanlar... Bu kanıtlanmış bir olgudur. Tüm canlılar hepimiz kuzeniz. Bilim insanları bunu, dünyanın düz değil, yuvarlak olması veya Dünya'nın diğer şekilde değil de Güneş'in etrafında dönmesi gibi kabul ederler. Buna inanmamak gülünç olur.
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Leading smartphone brand Vivo officially announced the launch of its V3 and V3Max smartphones at a product release conference in Mumbai, India on April 5. • Faster Operation with 4GB RAM • Fast charging of five minutes for two-hour music playback • Refine metallic body with 7.55 to 7.58mm slim design • Faster fingerprint unlocking • Hi-Fi quality sound • Super-fast Shots Part of Vivo’s 2016 V Series, the V3 and V3Max have a stylish, all-metal case design that not only guarantees durability, but also makes the phones much slimmer -- only 7.55 to 7.58mm in thickness. In addition to a stylish exterior the new smartphones aim to provide a more efficient, fluent and enjoyable video and audio experience with modern phone users around the world in mind. The V3Max combines 4GB RAM with a Snapdragon Octa-Core CPU to boost stability and speed with performance 100% better than is predecessor. The camera takes a mere 0.7 seconds to start up and features PDAF technology to focus project in 0.1 seconds. Combining with the extra-large 5.5-inch screen the camera offers the best photo and video viewing experience. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Smart meets simple in the latest innovation from Onelink by First Alert. Pairing First Alert’s legacy of safety and innovation with Apple’s revolutionary HomeKit technology, the new HomeKit-enabled Onelink by First Alert® Wi-Fi Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm – debuting this month – sets the stage for a new era of safe, secure, easy-to-use and simple connected homes. The product is offered in both hardwire (with 10-year sealed battery back-up) and 10-year sealed battery versions to accommodate different consumer needs and building requirements. The intuitive, easy to install two-in-one alarm protects against threats of smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) and conveniently notifies users on their iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) or Apple Watch. The alarm also can be easily tested or silenced using the Onelink Home app. Siri voice commands allow users to check the status of their detector and ask if an alarm was triggered. Since the Onelink Alarm is HomeKit-enabled, privacy is built in and data is always encrypted, allowing users to feel secure while benefiting from the convenience and safety of a connected home. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Spotify iTunes FIND#SARON IN SOCIAL MEDIA © 2015 Ninetone Records
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VTech® (, a pioneer in children’s learning tablets and world leader in age-appropriate and developmental stage-based electronic learning products for children, today announced the availability of InnoTab® MAX. Featuring a powerful dual-core CPU with up to six times the processing power of previous generations and a high resolution 7” multi-touch screen, it is VTech’s fastest Wi-Fi tablet yet. Built to grow with a child for years of learning fun, InnoTab MAX uniquely combines VTech’s expert-supported library of cartridges, software and apps with carefully selected educational Android™1 apps, offering the best of both learning worlds and the widest variety of curricula to provide a superior children’s tablet. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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C’est une nouvelle génération de Femmes. Des femmes qui se dépassent, courent plus vite, font ce kilomètre de plus pour être meilleures qu’elles ne l’ont jamais été. Elles investissent leurs parcs, leurs villes et célèbrent les sensations que le sport leur procure. Cet été Nike a mis au défi plusieurs milliers de filles dans les plus grandes villes d’Europe et les a rassemblées lors de la course We Own The Night, une expérience de sport unique. Début 2014 les limites ont été repoussées et de nouveaux objectifs ont été atteints. Pour visualiser le communiqué multimédia, rendez-vous sur :
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Dress up time turns deadly when three teens discover a mansion deep in the woods, housing kidnapped girls who are forced to dress and act like dolls. Find our more at and Dollhouse by Anya Allyn YA/Horror/Paranormal Romance
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Official video for The Moons new single Body Snatchers taken from the new album Mindwaves.Get the single here on iTunes Snatchers press release :The Moons return with their second single "Body Snatchers" taken from their forthcoming new album Mindwaves (out 21st July).This Sci-fi stomper is a new direction for The Moons taking psych and garage rock as influence with a 70s soundbed.Body Snatchers is out now! Available on 7" vinyl and iTunes downloadTwitter: @moonsofficialFacebook:
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Easily create & share stunning diagrams, mindmaps and presentations with Conojo – The 5-In-1 Collaborative Whiteboard App. Gone are the days of scribbling illegibly on clunky whiteboards, awkwardly passing markers from person to person in order to “work together”. With Conojo, collaborative planning & whiteboarding has never been easier, or quite as much fun. Conojo’s expansive and versatile toolset has everything you need for sketching, planning, problem solving and teaching. Utilise the intuitive range of drawing tools & pre-made blueprints to quickly visualize and express ideas. Share these brilliant ideas through in-app video recording, or work collaboratively in real time via Bluetooth & Wi-Fi. Feature List: * Real-Time Collaborative Whiteboarding * Easy-to- use Drawing Tools & Shapes * Huge Variety of Templates Incl. Charts, Graphs, Fishbone diagrams, Flowcharts * Powerful Bluetooth Integration and Collaboration * 36 In-built Training Videos for Advanced Features * 25 Backgrounds and Many Formatting Options * 100+ Stylish Fonts * Express Ideas Visually * Import Any Type of File Seamlessly via Photo Roll, Dropbox, WebDav or more * Drag and Drop Objects * Advanced Tools For Dynamic Creations * Easy Export via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote or more Conojo is both easy to use, and sufficiently feature-rich. Users Enjoy simple but flexible drawing tools, including but not limited to the pencil, pen, marker, highlighter, and eraser. Create fluid brush strokes in multiple widths and unlimited colours. Once you’ve got the basics covered; take advantage of the 36 in-built training videos to expand your creative range. Easily collaborate with friends, family or colleagues using Conojo’s powerful sharing capabilities. Join up with fellow Conojo users to narrate whiteboard sessions and share your ideas visually. Alternatively, record and your brainstorming sessions in-app, and export in seconds to YouTube, Social Networks or E-mail. Conojo is a must have for creative thinkers and compulsive planners alike. Ditch the whiteboard, download Conojo today.
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