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Hot college girl Michelle gives you tips on how to impress a guy you want by becoming his life saver. This does not literally mean that you have to become a Baywatch girl and start rescuing guys in a college pool party every time someone gets drunk and dove into the pool. This means that, when opportunity permits, you can save a guy you want from becoming depressed or down or a failure in college. And, of course, you don't have to break the rules just to get impress your guy. There's tons of ways on how to win a guy. You can learn more by simply following Michelle and the other college girls at And don't forget to thank our sponsors at Right now, they are offering College Girls Know How followers a 50% OFF Deal on almost ANY single item at the checkout. Plus FREE DVD's, a FREE Gift, and FREE Discreet Shipping on your entire order. Just enter the Adam and Eve Coupon Code COED at the checkout.
Tags // hot  college  girls 
Categories // Comedy  Howto and DIY 
Added: 3490 days ago by sarahvowe
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Did you witness a movement that spread across European capital cities? Did you relate to this unprecedented protest against the approaching rainy autumn? Are you now dying to know the origins of the Movement for More Summer? It was born in the streets, relayed by the Internet and raced across social networks with dazzling speed, generating reactions and sharing of experience by over 20 000 Internet users, notably on Facebook and Twitter. The Moroccan National Tourist Office originated this movement in an attempt to make Europeans, who are getting depressed at the idea of being stuck at work during endless working days, smile again. The MNTO has decided to launch a widespread, humorous and unexpected campaign through the whole of Europe to protest against the end of summer and defeat “back to work” gloominess. The Movement was thus launched in September using various phases in the approach, combining digital and event initiatives. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
Categories // Travel and Holiday 
Added: 3584 days ago by MultiVuVideos
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Elephant seals equipped with antennas on their heads to map the oceans; satellites being used to target mosquitoes; an SMS system preventing the sale of counterfeit medicines in Ghana; smartphones that can predict you’re going to get depressed; credit cards that know two years before you do that you’re headed toward divorce; pills that transmit information directly from your body to your physician. These and other stories are being told through “The Human Face of Big Data,” the latest groundbreaking, globally crowdsourced initiative from Rick Smolan, the creator of the “Day in the Life” series. The project, made possible through primary sponsorship from EMC® (NYSE:EMC), is based on the premise that the real-time visualization of data collected by satellites, and by billions of sensors, RFID tags, and GPS-enabled cameras and smartphones around the world, is enabling humanity to sense, measure, understand and affect aspects of our existence in ways our ancestors could never have imagined in their wildest dreams. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
Added: 3623 days ago by MultiVuVideos
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And now, my dearest friend, Eszty! Last night you were sad, maybe a little depressed too. I wanted to cheer you up with something, but when I saw the result I'm no quite sure I can do this with this clip. But anyway, it's only for You! I made this to support you and tell You that I'm always here for You! We have a common obsession : Criminal Minds, and we both love Hotch truly. So it's a clip about Him to You! Cuz we're both dreamers, my Dear! Song: Imagine by Eva Cassidy
Tags // criminal  minds  aaron  hotch  hotchner  hero  thomas  gibson 
Categories // Music 
Added: 4720 days ago by ClarissaDalloway
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Lyrics (Intro) Yeah, It be R,E,H,D,O double G And I just want yall to know That this one is coming from the heart & soul So yall just understand me ya heard? Yo (Verse) Deep inside I hurt it makes me sad that when I open up my heart & soul People rip it out from inside my chest I do my best but God he made me to be Loving, caring, and understanding, compassionate to my fellow human And I can love you as if you were in my face or half way around the world Online friendships (Chorus) Im Depressed, God is this a test Im Depressed, God is this a test T,U,R,T,L,E J,B,O,N,E (Verse) God made me to be loving, caring, understanding and compassionate Even my enemies I cant hate them people say yo dont procrastinate Yo people (Chorus) Im Depressed, God is this a test Im Depressed, God is this a test (Verse) People take advantage of my kindness and they take it as a weakness Yo who really cares? How can I love so deep that it affects my life. J,B,O,N,E just need to know that youre doing okay Turtle I love you men thats from the heart youre my blood No matter what the people of the world may say its just Love (5 times)
Tags // reh  dogg  turtle 
Categories // Music 
Added: 4741 days ago by rehdogg
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Erin gives Joels depressed girlfriend an unwanted makeover.
Categories // Funny  Comedy 
Added: 5365 days ago by RoommatingShow
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A short video about R_pe and what it can do to people Poetry by Danielle Timms I couldnt find the names of ALL the artists that i put pics in the vid for so if youre one of them let me know
Tags // sad  depressed  linkin  park  jayz  encore  help  lost  alone  afraid  cry  crying  men  women  real  life  tragic  hopeless 
Categories // Music  People and Blog  Street 
Added: 5407 days ago by Madam_Hooligan
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