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Network anchors, cartoons of video games, electronic sports, famous movie production companies, delicious food, cosplay, fashion, music shows — this is the carnival of Wuhan live show network company DouYu. The company boomed quickly in just 3 years from 10 staff members in the beginning to one-ranked 90 in ALEXA among the world. In this Dragon Boat Festival, all those invited enjoy cultural innovation industries and draw the attention from the guests highlighted by Han Kou Riverside Park. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Added: 2057 days ago by MultiVuVideos
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Ejemplo de voz en off para video corporativo de locutor ingles britanico en Madrid Edward Olive con estudio propio para grabacion de locuciones. Locución grabada en home studio con Rode Videomic Pro, FiiO, Audacity y Toshiba SATELLITE P875 Harmon Kardon. Edward Olive es un locutor y actor nativo inglés británico nacido en 1970, residente y autónomo en Madrid España, que propone servicios de locuciones para todo tipo de proyecto audiovisual. Además de ser locutor y actor Edward abogado inglés y ex profesor de derecho y ofrece una voz a la vez neutra de narrador de clase media corporativa seria y también cálida y amable de 35-50 años para videos de empresa y venta, campañas de anuncios televisivos, programas de viaje, e-learning y para apps de tabletas y teléfonos móvil. Además de una voz estándar de locutor corporativo, como actor Edward tiene a sus disposición una gran variedad de personajes, acentos regionales y actuaciones que se puede adaptar para crear todo de papeles de personajes de diferentes tamaños y edades tanto serios o dramáticos como cómicos para video juegos, cuentos infantiles, voces para maquinas tragaperras, dibujos animales etc. Edward Olive dispone de estudio propio para grabar locuciones en Madrid centro y de desplaza a los estudios y productoras de sus clientes para colaborar con directores de proyectos. Edward Olive is a native British English voice-over artist and professional screen actor resident and legally self employed in Madrid Spain. As well as professional voice over actor Edward is a UK solicitor (attorney / lawyer) and ex law lecturer and offers a neutral middle class educated professional corporate narrator voice which is at the same time serious and professional and also warm and approachable in its tone and delivery, perfectly adapted for all sorts of audiovisual projects including corporate & sales videos, television advertising campaigns, travel programs, tablet & mobile phone apps and e-learning. As a professional actor Edward also offers a range of characters which can be adapted to clients\\\\\\\' projects that can include age changes, bodies of large and small size, regional accents and voice variations. Various roles can be played from the serious or dramatic to the light and comic for videogames, slot machines & one arm bandits, children\\\\\\\'s stories and cartoons. Edward has his own studio in Madrid and also offers the possibility of collaborating with clients and directors in their studios in Madrid to suit the clients\\\\\\\' need best. Websites:
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Added: 3414 days ago by edwardolive
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Houston Undercover Cops cartoon series will resume with a brand new episode on June 28, 2013 after being on hatius hold for three months since the last episode. Creators of the cartoon series successfully make changes to Houston Undercover Cops by changing the stick figure animation world to 2d animation world. Undercover Police officers: Magic Simpson and Chad Holland are back on the streets after returning from vacation in Brazil. Yes Magic and Chad is the 5 0 and if you are caught committing a crime they will get you. If you step to them that will be suicide. Yeah we know that you have been in trouble with the law before. But have you ever been in trouble with Magic and Chad? You can run but you can't hide because the universe demands justice and the people who are out to serve and protect going to get you one way or another. Think twice before you make bad decisions shoot at them and you're dead. We didn't write the law nor we didn't make the rules. We have to enforce the law and breaking the laws will not be tolerated. The undercover officers are back on the streets so all the thugs better watch out because you never know when they will creep up on your set. Tell me what you going to when they come for you! MagicSimpson1 Productions 2013
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Added: 3507 days ago by Magic123
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DHX Media announces the launch of three dedicated paid YouTube family entertainment channels. DHX Media expands its digital footprint with the launch of DHX Kids, DHX Junior and DHX Retro, and joins an elite group of premier content partners selected to be part of Google-owned YouTube’s first paid channels. DHX Media digital channels will be offered in multiple countries, including Australia (,,; Brazil (,,; Canada (,,; France (,,; Japan (; Korea (; Spain (,,; Russia (; the U.K. (,, and the U.S. (,,, and in multiple languages, including English, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. DHX Media digital channels content is available now for free sampling for two week free trials with a subscription price of $2.99 (U.S.)/month. Discounted yearly subscriptions are also available. DHX Media is a leading international creator, producer, distributor and licensor boasting the world’s most extensive independent library of globally recognized children’s entertainment. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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MagicSimpson1 Productions 2012 Undercover Police officers: Magic, Chad, Drae, Charlie, Jenny and her new partner Macy patrol dangerous areas in Houston as they ride together as an undercover police crew.
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M@gic$imp$on1 Production$ 2012 Undercover police officers, Magic Simpson and Chad Holland attend a blood member funeral who was killed in a gang driveby shooting at White Rock Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, Texas on Darien Street. They were hired as the funeral security and must protect the church from the crip gang. Drae and Charlie respond to a street fight in process between two gang members. A blood and crip. Jenny whose partner was killed in a shootout with car theft suspects save a three month year old baby after a truck was on fire. The mother has died and the baby was rushed to Texas children memorial hospital for medical treatment where he almost died from his injuries. The war between bloods and crips will never end. If you are interested in reading what the characters are saying watch it on YouTube.
Categories // Cartoon 
Added: 3777 days ago by Magic123
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Undercover police officers: Magic Simpson and Chad Holland respond to an armed House burglary in Champion Forest, Houston. The suspect is heavily armed with an AK 47 and the officers must be aware before they attempt to arrest the suspect in order to bring him to justice. Officer Drae and Charlie serve an arrest warrant in Humble, Houston. Amanda Moe is wanted for assault with deadly weapon, kidnapping, burglary, and child endangerment. Get ready to see some hot action since the last episode. Undercover officers : Jenny and Mike chase down a stolen 2010 red expedition and shots are fired. Like us on facebook Want to make Houston Undercover Cops stick figure cartoon series a better cartoon by joining MagicSimpson1 Productions creative writing team? Must be 14 year old or older to join our production clan. To join contact MagicSimpson1 on YouTube or email us thanks Magic$impson1 Productions 2012
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Added: 3784 days ago by Magic123
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Undercover police officers: Magic Simpson and Chad Holland respond to a drug deal behind a building of a Kroger grocery store. The suspects are armed and dangerous. The officers must be aware before they attempt to arrest the dealers for selling dope. Magicsimpson1 Productions 2012
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Added: 3791 days ago by Magic123
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This is season 1 intro for Houston Undercover Cops Stick Figure Cartoon series. Every Wednesday new episodes will be released on Sometimes Magic$impson1 Productions might release new episodes in 2 weeks. Are you interested in joining MagicSimpson1 creative writing team for Houston Undercover Cops? If you are email the CEO at or Youtube MagicSimpson1 or send him a message on Thanks MagicSimpson1 Productions Clan
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Added: 3792 days ago by Magic123
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Watch it on YouTube here if you want to read what the characters are saying. Undercover police officers: Magic Simpson and Chad Holland bust a drug dealer selling dope to another suspect in Kashmere Garden. The buyer was arrested and the dealer started resisting arrest when Magic took him down from trying to run away from the officers. The suspect violated his 10 year probation and facing a lot of charges. Officers Drae and Charlie catch a 16 year old kid using cocaine whose life was saved from choking to death. He attempted to swallow a small bag of cocaine and flee the scene. The Los Zetas have a drug deal behind a building of a Foodtown grocery store. They are busted by Officer Jenny and Mike. Shots are fired, police chase suspects, and justice is served. MagicSimpson1 Productions
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Added: 3797 days ago by Magic123
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     Join The Movement To Keep Spongebob On The Air! If you or your children love to watch Spongebob Squarepants, please help support our mission! Nickelodeon has been airing Spongebob less and less as new cartoons are premiering on the network and taking up the airtime. It used to be easy to find and watch Spongebob on-air any time of the day but lately, days go by without a single Spongebob episode airing. Pretty soon, the show may be pushed entirely off the schedule by new Nickelodeon shows.Help us get the word out!
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Added: 3913 days ago by johngeltkn
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A small clip from the upcoming animated series for television entitled The ZOO. Here Milton helps Rastus try to get over an ex-girlfriend, the only way he knows how: get him drunk, and get him laid. For more info, please go to:
Categories // Funny  Comedy  Cartoon 
Added: 4994 days ago by kilrnstnct
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