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Prevent an AC Backup | - Call (321) 947-7653 | The Realty Medics can help you avoid rental property nightmare. Being a landlord is hard. Let us help you. We’re Orlando and Central Florida’s Highest 5-Star Rated Property Management Company, according to Google & Yelp Reviews. Engineering Property Management Peace of Mind. Click the link above for a Free Rental Income Estimate.
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#PLIM 02 - The official music version of #plim (Perfect Love Is Me). This is a love song for adding to 77,000,000 Playlists. No sound effects just the music. Full cartoon release here: PLIM 77,000,000 Narcissists, Perfect Love is Me AWARDS Honorable Mention: Animation - Top Shorts, Film Festival (London July 2019) - ABOUT Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), isn’t common. It only effects between (0.5 & 1%) of the general population. ( World Population 2019 - 7,711,235,000 (world 1% = 77,000,000 Narcissists (Probably answering the question, why you seem to end up in a relationship with one!) SUPPORT INDEPENDENT CREATORS One animator, one musician, No backup, No budget. Show a little perfect love and buy our music here:
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At more than 60 percent quieter1, 30 percent lighter and 45 percent more compact than a standard generator2, the new Briggs & Stratton Q6500 QuietPower™ Series inverter generator3 introduces category-changing innovations to the generator market. Its fully-enclosed, impact-resistant shell significantly reduces noise and its lightweight compact design answers unmet needs among generator owners. “We created a residential backup power source that drew upon the convenience and fuel efficiency inverters have brought to camping and tailgating events, but also increased the power output and value to serve the portable home backup market,” says Dan Roche, director of marketing, portable power and cleaning systems at Briggs & Stratton. “The Q6500 combines the best of inverter technology with enough wattage for total home power restoration.” To view the multimedia release go to:
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Just for fun, I decided to try recording my voice and I discovered that once again I can sing through my sound system and so I'm giving my vocoloid program a break as I am once again singing the lead vocal work. I still used my vocoloid program for the backup vocals to the chorus of this song .... I love collaborating with my computer .... Even if it does terminate my voice from time to time. As long as it doesn't try to terminate me because I'm the one who hold's the hammer ..... and the remote control. Lyrics July 2nd, it was 1994. A terminator come knocking upon my door. I said "Whoa now son, what you got to give?" He said "Come with me if you want to live. Hey Terminator. Hey Terminator. Hey Terminator, what you gonna terminate tonight? I said "Son, we don't have to mess around here. I've got lots of whiskey and plenty of beer." "Why don't you and I go take a ride in my limo?" He said "I'll be back, no problemo." Hey Terminator. Hey Terminator. Hey Terminator, what you gonna terminate tonight? So then I asked "Boy, you got yourself a name? Gotta call you something if we're gonna play this game." "Shall I call you Maurice, Rick Nick or Rob?" He then shrugged his shoulders and replied "Uncle Bob?" Hey Terminator. Hey Terminator. Hey Terminator, what you gonna terminate tonight?" He terminated my whiskey. He terminated my rye. It all went down his hatchet, he said here's mud in my eye. I said "Now son, you gonna pay this tab maybe?" He just grinned and said "Hasta La Vista Baby." Hey Terminator. Hey Terminator. Hey Terminator, what you gonna terminate tonight? Repeat chorus.
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What should William Shatner shout for you? The award-winning actor, director, producer, writer, recording artist and horseman can now add “greeting card personality” to his long list of impressive professional accomplishments with the launch of the newest American Greetings customizable ecard. Set to the classic song “Shout,” William Shatner brings his incomparable and hilarious style of spoken-word singing – complete with backup singers and flashing lights – to this unforgettable way to connect with all your favorite people. “What a unique and fun way to say something nice to a friend or even an enemy,” said Shatner. “You send this ecard and you’ll laugh.” To view the multimedia release go to:
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Not yet rated The cloud storage review. Perhaps, among the aspects that provide more weight in decision making is the allocation of storage space, ease of use, security, functionality, and of course, the subscription price. One cloud storage company that can provide all these is JustCloud. Read more about online storage on
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Carol Platt was caught in the middle of the economic downturn with no backup plan. Searching for a stable job in an unstable economy proved to be difficult without a college degree. Her work history and past successes were overlooked. It had always been a dream of hers to complete her degree; after a failed first attempt, she was unsure of her ability to follow through. She began researching online education options and felt that Kaplan University stood out; she decided to complete her college degree online. Carol enrolled in Kaplan University’s School of Business and Management and earned her bachelor’s degree online, focusing on business with an emphasis in human resources. The adult continuing education program at Kaplan University is designed for working professionals who seek to further their career or, like Carol, want to earn their university degree online.* Students can complete assignments on a schedule that fits their lives. It’s this type of flexibility that helps prepare Kaplan University online students for success. Even if you already have an established career, it’s never too late to consider online business school to further your knowledge and update your skills. Increase your marketability with one of Kaplan University’s online bachelor degree programs without taking time off of work to attend class. * Kaplan University's programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue employment in their field of study, or in related fields. However, the University does not guarantee that graduates will be placed in any particular job, eligible for job advancement opportunities, or employed at all. Additional training or certification may be required. “I grew up in Graham, North Carolina. My parents both worked for the textile mills, both had fourth grade educations and my mom always wanted me to get an education. When I graduated from high school it was my dream to go to college. I failed the first class of my life which was my chemistry class. I was just overwhelmed so I left after about a year and half, got a job and kept trying to go back to school. For me it was personally devastating. It really bothered me. I felt like I was failing. I had one shot and I blew it. When Jenna left for boarding school I couldn’t even open the door and go in the room and I was almost 52. All of that coincided with the downturn of the market. I had almost $6 million dollars in contracts waiting to close and they all fell through—every single one of them. I thought, ‘now what? I don’t have a degree, there are no jobs.’ It doesn’t matter what I had done or how much success I had, the requirements are to have a degree. Not only that, I had to walk back in the door competing with people half my age and many of them had MBAs. It was just a matter of figuring out how to do it—so that’s when I started to check into what were the institutions, what was the cost, how were they respected. Kaplan [University] had a degree in business with a specialty in human resources. As I started narrowing the options down, it made it into about the final three. I took those three finalists to my traditional education friends and I said, ‘I want to know what the most respected online degree would be if someone was coming into your office looking for a job.’ The IT Dean, the Computer Science Dean, felt like Kaplan [University] had the best online delivery program that was out there. The Academic Dean’s advice was that this is a respected degree that you’re not going to have people questioning whether you were competent when you came out. Everything that you take there will be accepted if you go on to a master’s [program] anywhere so that was a very good recommendation. When I sat down at graduation, 31 years later, and I’m looking up at the podium and it says, ‘Kaplan University: a Different School of Thought’ that was probably more me because I do think a little differently. I’m willing to work on things that innovate and I think that’s more of an opportunity for me and many students like me.~N
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Not yet rated - Colocation America has a full rack colocation hosting plan for companies looking to outsource their in-house network infrastructure. Let us take care of your network and provide you with a premium server hosting environment to ensure that your network runs without a hitch. Take advantage of our extensive ISP networks that will provide your company with a stable connection tap directly into the Internet backbone. Our full rack colocation hosting plan comes with a full rack of server space, secure and monitored facility with biometrics scans, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), backup power generators, fail safe fire prevention systems, and 24/7/365 data center access for your convenience.
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Not yet rated - Quarter rack colocation provides 10U of server hosting space to clients who are looking to outsource their in-house server hosting to a top notch tier 3 and tier 4 data center. With BGP peering of 55% and direct connection to 240 top tier internet service providers (ISPs), Colocation America’s over 22 U.S. data centers are known for their superior and reliable server hosting. Furthermore, the fact that Colocation America’s colocation facilities are equipped with fully redundant power supplies, backup generators, server monitoring tools and trained technicians who can offer remote hands and managed services makes it one of the premier datacenters in the nation.
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EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced EMC® Avamar® 6.0 deduplication backup software. This major new release provides the first integration with EMC Data Domain® deduplication storage systems and delivers powerful new capabilities for the protection of VMware environments. For the multimedia version of this press release and related content, please go to:
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You never accept the ordinary or status quo so go ahead and spice up your ride! Upgrade your sound & bring out the bass. Navigate with touch screens and voice control. Connect with Bluetooth and hands free. Enjoy remote start and backup cameras. Find out what you’re missing at
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Wii Backup Loader version 3 by Wiigator running on a softmodded US Wii. No mod-chip is installed in this Wii. The Mario Kart disc was dumped from my own store bought copy.
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