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Cody Alt is proud to announce the launch of the newest addition to his burgeoning marijuana empire – Kushly. On February 22, 2018, Kushly will begin selling cannabis-infused edibles (gummies made with real fruit) along with special pre-roll six-packs. Kushly will also be partnering with dispensaries around the country to sell cannabis products, and will offer a state-of-the-art delivery platform to select dispensaries in California and Arizona. Kushly will manufacture its own edibles in sativa and indica strains, and will also white-label edibles for companies outside of California and Arizona who do not have licensed facilities to manufacture inside those states. Kushly’s facility is a 600,000sq. ft. greenhouse with a 50,000sq. ft. extraction lab located in Greenfield, California. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Look's like I got my 1000 Subs 1 and I've had this one standing by just for the occasion. I want to thank you all, especially to those who have taken the time to check out my channel description that read's "My name is STEVE"...cap-lock on that one... "and I am a musician from Windsor Ontario" and to all those who have noticed that all of my songs are written by Stephen Hereford....That's me...Steve...Stephen...My friends call me Steve. My dept collectors call me Stephen. Herfortz was a username that I quickly came up with when I first enrolled to this site and back then I was thinking "Username...username.... Herefred?... Herefarts?.... Stevefarts?.... Stevefortz?... Herefortz?... Therefortz?.... Herfortz...Why not?" So by now you should all know who I am.....which could be useful to me in the event that I should ever forget my own name.
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Added: 2763 days ago by Herfortz
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Do not smoke weed
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The legalization of marijuana in many states may be changing the way teens think about marijuana and other harmful substances like heroin. A new study commissioned by Rosecrance shows that the legalization of marijuana may encourage teenagers to experiment with the drug, along with other substances. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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WebMD Health Corp. (Nasdaq: WBMD), the leading source of health information, today released Marijuana on Main Street, a special report that provides an in-depth look at the debate over medical marijuana. As numerous states consider bills to legalize medical marijuana, WebMD surveyed nearly 3,000 consumers and Medscape surveyed more than 1,500 doctors about their attitudes regarding legalization, marijuana as a potential treatment option, and the perceived risks and benefits of its use to help shed light on this evolving issue. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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Click; \\\
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Alex Zuckerman fights alien mind control!
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Added: 4999 days ago by alexzuckerman
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Variety! Spectacular Visuals, and Effects!
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\\\The Columbine Cause\\\ by Evan Long raises questions about the April 20, 1999 attack on Columbine High School which have gone unaddressed or unanswered by corporate and state media, including: Why do counts of the ballistics evidence charts yield totals far greater than the three hundred-odd shots officially stated by law enforcement officials to have been fired? Why did students and teachers inside the school during the attack describe up to a dozen distinct shooters, some of whom some of them were able to identify by name as neither Eric Harris nor Dylan Klebold? Why were the people of the world told that the attack was a \\\wake-up call\\\ when some Columbine students knew it to have been \\\the big rumor\\\ for up to two years in advance? There is much more to the story of the attack on Columbine than has been widely made known.
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Added: 5340 days ago by evanlong
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