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Swissquote Bank AG, Switzerland’s leading online bank, announces newly created investment opportunities based on different scenarios of impacts of the US elections on financial markets. Investors wishing to capitalize on the elections will see their investment decisions facilitated by a new predictive analysis tool, which Swissquote has developed in partnership with École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, poll results will be publicly available on a dedicated Swissquote page: Currencies and their exchange rates are the financial assets most sensitive to the US election, often reacting in real-time to single statements the candidates make. The Hillary and Donald US Election Foreign Exchange (Forex) Baskets consist of different shares of currencies that are increasingly correlated to the Poll results, which are the Mexican New Peso, the Canadian Dollar, the Chinese Yuan and the Japanese Yen. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Zhang Xinyuan, born in Wuhan, Hubei Province, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 2012, BA of performance. In 2008, her self-made images ignited online communities in China. Heavy-eyebrowed and flame-lipped, but also chaste and ethereal, her images are both polarized and harmonious, no wonder they received so explosive acclaiming and spreading. From then on, Zhang Xinyuan becomes a fashion icon and favored by various media and industries, her images even initiated a tide of retro-styling in the youths of China. Instead of stopping on that, Miss Zhang keeps on sharpening her art language by the grindstones of her unique aesthetic taste, say-no-to-vulgarity attitude, and oriental wisdom. With the love to public art, Miss Zhang has crossover-cooperated with various artists and stylists, and become a rising star of arts, which made her the cover star of I-D, a famous British fashion magazine, in Mar.2012. The next month,Apr.2012, her high-profile photo album Girlfriend On The Cliff became the top one seller in the Amazon list of photographic books, and one of the best-sellers of Motie Company, who has published this book. Sold out in various online shopping sites, Dream Raider studio and Motie Company printed other batches of copies, all of which had been sold out now.
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Not yet rated In the world of stocks, bonds, commodities and futures trading, forex trading stands out and here's why.
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Not yet rated - IFC Markets - International Forex Brokerage Company which offers you Forex technical analysis, Forex market overview, Forex trading instruments and one of the best technical support in the world, is a leading Forex broker.
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Not yet rated - Free Forex Android app for simple binary options trading.
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Not yet rated Andrew's Forex System makes extensive use of information technology making it available to everyone. Traders can profit from both strong and weak economies. Trader can place very short-term orders which are prohibited in some other markets.
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Financial education is very much for those they do trading. Intell Financial Market allows you to sit in your comfort zone and put your fresh mind into the process. Your search for best forex broker ends here.
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Open a trading account with UFXMarkets. Learn how to trade online. Trade Forex, Trade currencies, trade indices, and trade CFDs with UFXMarkets. Conquer the
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Learn to trade forex, commodities, indices, and CFDs with an online trading broker. Join and we will show you how to trade online
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Charles-Henri Sabet, the founder of Synthesis Bank Geneva, at the time the leading Swiss online bank and the Rowland Family, British owners of Banque Havilland in Luxembourg and Monaco, have increased the capital of Jiffix Markets Ltd, making the company one of the strongest capitalized online forex companies in Cyprus. The Board of Jiffix Markets Ltd will benefit from the arrival of Charles–Henri Sabet as Chairman of the Board, who built his reputation in online banking and from Jean-François Willems, CEO of Bank Havilland, one of the most successful private banks in Luxembourg. Their combined experience in key banking sectors will propel to the highest level in the industry. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Not yet rated Avoid been scam learn to recognized it. Random trading, improve your trading by 100% Save yourself thousand of dollars & years of frustration
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Not yet rated - MegaForexInvest is formed by a group of professional traders from USA and Germany with years of research in the investment field. MegaForexInvest has worked offline since 2005. Today, we offer our website to all the people who want invest on forex but doesn't have the necesary knowledge to do itself. Our expert group, has constantly analyze market variation and trends to generate possitive balances. For these reason we guarantee that your invest will be in the correct way. Official video source
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