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Summer entertaining is heating up, and with the Fourth of July holiday quickly approaching, who better than world-famous chef Mario Batali to reveal his tasty tips for entertaining this season? Part-time Michigander Mario Batali and Pure Michigan have teamed up to introduce recipes and party tips for summer cooking, as well as share the scoop on the best of Michigan’s food scene and top must-see destinations in the state this summer. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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With the critical success and recognition of I Am Shelby Lynne, she was awarded the Best New Artist GRAMMY® in 2000 – after nearly 13 years in the business. Love, Shelby was released in 2001, followed by a pair of intimate, self-produced albums – Identity Crisis (2003) and Suit Yourself (2005). She made her acting debut in 2005, playing Johnny Cash\'s mother in the Fox Searchlight motion picture Walk the Line. Just a Little Lovin’, her critically acclaimed tribute to Dusty Springfield, was released in 2008. 
Never one to go with the crowd, Shelby continues to stand apart from the mainstream music world. She recently founded her own label, EVERSO RECORDS. Lynne’s Tears, Lies, And Alibis, EVERSO’s first release, debuted at No. 16 on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums chart in April of 2010. A Top 10 hit at Americana radio, it was hailed by Newsday as “her strongest album in a decade,” a sentiment echoed by numerous critics. She followed Tears, Lies, And Alibis with her first-ever holiday collection, Merry Christmas, released in the fall of 2010. Revelation Road – Shelby’s most personal record yet – will be released on October 18, 2011. She wrote, recorded and produced the album, which leads off with the title track and first single, “Revelation Road,” a stirring reflection on reckoning and redemption. Lynne will be touring North American this fall. \
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**WARNING* Some views maybe affected by this video Song: Understanding by Evanescence Featuring: Sam Owen (played by Louis Tamone) Andy Holt (played by Warren Brown) Dannii Carbone (played by Christina Baily) Russ Owen (played by Stuart Manning) Sophie Burton (played by Connie Powney) Mel Burton (played by Cassie Powney) Louise Summers (played by Roxanne McKee) Crossing the line: Lee Hunter held his presidential party, where both Sam and Andy attended as the pair were feeling the highs from last nights triumph adventure. Andy asked out fellow student Dannii Carbone at the party but she turned him down, as she was seeing Sam's brother Russ. Andys true colours soon emerged and Andy spiked Danniis drink with a GHB drug and then later on went on to rape her, wearing a condom (apparently because he 'cares') as he attacks her unconscious body. No going back: Andy Holt meets up with Sophie and Mel Burton who have come home early from a family holiday. The 3 start drinking together and Andy drugs Mel and Sophie's drinks with the date rape drug GHB. He then takes them back to their house which is empty, then brings his mate Sam Owen over, as he knows Sam fancies Sophie. He tells Sam that he's left Sophie as a present for him and leaves him alone with Sophie whilst he rapes Mel in Darlene's bed. But Sam doesn't want to rape Sophie and leaves her on the sofa. The following morning the twins wake up and realise what has happened so they call the police and get tested but they can't remember that it was Andy who they were drinking with. Mel's test comes up positive for rape whilst Sophies comes up negative. Louise Summers finds out what happened to them and tells them about how she was almost raped. She also tells them another person, Dannii Carbone, was also a victim like them and it was Andy who raped her. Back from the dead: Andy Holt appears and seduces Sam and Russ's younger sister Nicole Owen into going away with him to a seaside town. While there he sends a series of messages to the brothers who realise that Andy is alive when he send them a photo over the phone of him and Nicole on a funfair ride. Russ wants to call the police but Sam insists otherwise and they turn up at the warehouse. They don't see Andy and run in to Nicole unarmed, Andy attacks them with a metal pole breaking Russ's leg and badly injuring Sam. Andy then offers Sam his mobile telling him to call the police, Sam refuses shocking his siblings. Andy reveals that he isn't the only one that has used GHB and raped girls. Nicole and Russ are horrified as Sam admits to it and that he almost raped Sophie Burton his now girlfriend. andy then threatens to rape Nicole but Mel enters in time and knocks him unconsicious. She then forces him to take the GHB drug and ties him to a chair. While they waitfor the ambulance Andy spins a story of regret to Mel who relents until sees Andy laughing at how easily he will get off in court if he can make even one of his victims feel sorry for him. Mel is distracted and Andy tries to run away but disorientated by the drugs and still tied up he stumbles down to the basement. Sophie gives chase only to enter a room to find that Andy in the darkness has run straight into a metal spike part of the machinery. As he dies Sophie shouts insults at him.
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VACANDO makes it possible you + your pets go on vacation! trips worldwide for one euro!!!
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Random pics
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Wedding fashion show created with Wondershare Photo Story Platinum
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Our Malaysia Holiday Package will lead you to its famed rainforests, innumerable varieties of flora and fauna, rare orchids, the varying Kinabalu mountain range and its coastal regions, besides its sophisticated cities with bewitching skyscrapers including Kuala Lumpur’s famed Petrona towers and a modern lifestyle. More details on malaysia Holiday Packages log on
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The Dancing Dolphin Patterns Plastic Canvas Patterns Collection. Come visit us on the web at
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Christmas slideshow created with Wondershare Movie Story
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If you are planning to travel to Thailand for a holiday, pack more excitement into your Thai holiday vacation plan, include a few places that are not frequently visited by foreigners. These places are gorgeous and pretty, natural parks, waterfalls and even beaches tucked away from the crowds. Get some ideas here:
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Ibiza Closing Party Space Matineé on
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Happy Halloween
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