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**WARNING* Some views maybe affected by this video Song: Understanding by Evanescence Featuring: Sam Owen (played by Louis Tamone) Andy Holt (played by Warren Brown) Dannii Carbone (played by Christina Baily) Russ Owen (played by Stuart Manning) Sophie Burton (played by Connie Powney) Mel Burton (played by Cassie Powney) Louise Summers (played by Roxanne McKee) Crossing the line: Lee Hunter held his presidential party, where both Sam and Andy attended as the pair were feeling the highs from last nights triumph adventure. Andy asked out fellow student Dannii Carbone at the party but she turned him down, as she was seeing Sam's brother Russ. Andys true colours soon emerged and Andy spiked Danniis drink with a GHB drug and then later on went on to rape her, wearing a condom (apparently because he 'cares') as he attacks her unconscious body. No going back: Andy Holt meets up with Sophie and Mel Burton who have come home early from a family holiday. The 3 start drinking together and Andy drugs Mel and Sophie's drinks with the date rape drug GHB. He then takes them back to their house which is empty, then brings his mate Sam Owen over, as he knows Sam fancies Sophie. He tells Sam that he's left Sophie as a present for him and leaves him alone with Sophie whilst he rapes Mel in Darlene's bed. But Sam doesn't want to rape Sophie and leaves her on the sofa. The following morning the twins wake up and realise what has happened so they call the police and get tested but they can't remember that it was Andy who they were drinking with. Mel's test comes up positive for rape whilst Sophies comes up negative. Louise Summers finds out what happened to them and tells them about how she was almost raped. She also tells them another person, Dannii Carbone, was also a victim like them and it was Andy who raped her. Back from the dead: Andy Holt appears and seduces Sam and Russ's younger sister Nicole Owen into going away with him to a seaside town. While there he sends a series of messages to the brothers who realise that Andy is alive when he send them a photo over the phone of him and Nicole on a funfair ride. Russ wants to call the police but Sam insists otherwise and they turn up at the warehouse. They don't see Andy and run in to Nicole unarmed, Andy attacks them with a metal pole breaking Russ's leg and badly injuring Sam. Andy then offers Sam his mobile telling him to call the police, Sam refuses shocking his siblings. Andy reveals that he isn't the only one that has used GHB and raped girls. Nicole and Russ are horrified as Sam admits to it and that he almost raped Sophie Burton his now girlfriend. andy then threatens to rape Nicole but Mel enters in time and knocks him unconsicious. She then forces him to take the GHB drug and ties him to a chair. While they waitfor the ambulance Andy spins a story of regret to Mel who relents until sees Andy laughing at how easily he will get off in court if he can make even one of his victims feel sorry for him. Mel is distracted and Andy tries to run away but disorientated by the drugs and still tied up he stumbles down to the basement. Sophie gives chase only to enter a room to find that Andy in the darkness has run straight into a metal spike part of the machinery. As he dies Sophie shouts insults at him.
Tags // hollyoaks  andy  date  rape 
Categories // People and Blog 
Added: 4766 days ago by Ice1103
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A deer crosses the road.
Added: 4985 days ago by spice3000
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More @ During a summer camp, it is required that kids cross a creek via a hanging rope. During a rope crossing, this blonde female suddenly loses her grip and falls straight back into to the cold cold water. Watch and laugh at this imminent fail of epic proportions. If your still bored, check out/add my profile/videos if you like 'fails' or are into that sort of thing.
Categories // Funny  Comedy 
Added: 4831 days ago by failfunnies
Runtime: 0m46s | Views: 9738 | Comments: 2
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Crazy but lucky
Tags // car  train  driver  crazy  grade  crossing  level  lucky  street  track  rail 
Categories // Cars and Vehicles  Street 
Added: 5016 days ago by adnani
Runtime: 0m38s | Views: 9575 | Comments: 1



Nintendo baja el precio de venta sugerido al público de su sistema Wii™ a $149.99 e incluye un juego de Mario™ con la consola. A partir del 15 de mayo, el sistema Wii —con nuevo precio— estará disponible en blanco o negro e incluirá el juego Mario Kart™ Wii y un accesorio Wii Wheel™ del mismo color. Estos reemplazarán a los juegos que se incluían anteriormente Wii Sports™ y Wii Sports Resort™. Ese mismo día, Nintendo lanzará la nueva colección Nintendo® Selects de juegos para Wii, un conjunto de juegos populares que millones de personas ya han disfrutado, a un precio de venta sugerido al público de $19.99. Los cuatro juegos que no pueden faltar —incluidos en esta colección— son The Legend of Zelda™: Twilight Princess, Animal Crossing™: City Folk, Mario™ Super Sluggers y Wii Sports — el cual por primera vez estará disponible a la venta por separado. Los padres y los fanáticos de los videojuegos ahora pueden ampliar fácilmente su biblioteca de divertidos juegos para Wii para toda la familia. Para mas, va a
Categories // Games  Business 
Added: 4066 days ago by MultiVuVideos
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More @ When a couple of french kids are crossing a creek, they see that one of their pals is having a hard time crossing over their bridge which is a huge fallen tree. As the one kid tries to get accross the large log, other kids taunt him and joke that he is going to fall into the water. Indeed, they were right. Watch and laugh as you see the taunts, the struggle, and then eventually the fail fall slip accident. If your still bored, check out/add my profile/videos if you like 'fails' or are into that sort of thing.
Categories // Funny  Comedy 
Added: 4839 days ago by failfunnies
Runtime: 0m42s | Views: 9336 | Comments: 2
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Why do you need a zebra crossing?
Tags // zebra  crossing  russia 
Categories // Cars and Vehicles  Miscellaneous 
Added: 3597 days ago by Orthrus
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Animal Crossing video
Tags // wedding  gone  bad 
Categories // Funny 
Added: 4900 days ago by teraharris
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Hong Kong Heroes, our tribute to the great spirits of Hong Kong brings you the second in a series of champions. This week we will introduce you to Jocelyn Chow and Vance Lin. They shared with us the ups and downs of their Gobi Desert crossing race. Listen their tales of challenges and triumph at
Categories // Sport 
Added: 5147 days ago by soutv
Runtime: 4m30s | Views: 7599 | Comments: 0
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Crazy Truck Driver Crossing A Swollen River
Tags // crazy  truck  driver  crossing  a  swollen  river 
Categories // Science and Technology 
Added: 5087 days ago by arcoxia
Runtime: 0m53s | Views: 6976 | Comments: 0



Bolivian River Crossing
Tags // bolivian  bridge  river  crossing 
Categories // Cars and Vehicles 
Added: 4123 days ago by Orthrus
Runtime: 1m23s | Views: 4368 | Comments: 2



Take a musical journey into space. Picture yourself as an astronaut being driven to the launch pad; taking the elevator to the top. Then crossing the catwalk to your ship. The hatch is sealed and you\'re left alone with your thoughts. The engines rumble to life and in seconds you are hurtling out in to space, out \
Tags // instrumental  60s  surf  rock  guitar  space 
Categories // Music 
Added: 3368 days ago by cbar1208
Runtime: 2m26s | Views: 3504 | Comments: 0



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