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Olive Oils from Spain, the promotional brand of the Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional, in collaboration with the European Union, and guest of honor Seamus Mullen, an award-winning chef, cookbook author, and health & wellness expert, kicked off the U.S. campaign of the “Olive Oil World Tour” at the Cervantes Institute, last night. “We are thrilled to be in New York City for the North American launch of the ‘Olive Oil World Tour’ campaign with Seamus and dignitaries from the Spanish Government,” said Pedro Barato, President of the Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional. “The ambitious three-year, multi-channel program was created to encourage wellness-minded individuals to be inspired by the pillar of the Mediterranean lifestyle, olive oil, and who better to exemplify a healthy way of living than Chef Seamus Mullen. Seamus recently came out with a new cook book, ‘Real Food Heals: Eat to Feel Younger + Stronger Every Day.’ In it he uses our beloved millenary juice, olive oil, as a key ingredient in many of his recipes.” To view the multimedia release go to:
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Listen to the Emotional Wisdom of Your Muscles and Experience a Deeper Level of Healing You know a lot about the emotions in your mind and heart, but you probably don’t know much about the emotions in your muscle body. The muscles are storehouses of emotion, and pain in those muscles is how your body reveals what needs to be healed—both emotionally and physically. Organized by muscle groups, The Body Heals Itself is your ideal guide to understanding the link between your emotions and muscle bodies. This book acts as a road map for the energetic journey within your own body, showing you how to recognize and release stored emotions to let go of pain. You’ll discover which emotions are often paired with a specific muscle area and how muscles speak of everything from past traumas to current celebrations. Using stretches, affirmations, visualizations, and more, Emily A. Francis teaches you to unite your mind and body for better health and emotional well-being. The Body Heals Itself: How Deeper Awareness of Your Muscles and Their Emotional Connection Can Help You Heal Find out more at Non Fiction/Self help
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Today Aerosoles, a global leader in women’s footwear, announced the launch of its new online interactive catalog, creating an exciting multimedia shopping experience for consumers wherever and whenever they want. “With consumers ever-changing lifestyles, we are extremely excited to offer our new Fall 2016 styles in an innovative and unique way for consumers to better experience our brand,” said Chief Executive Officer, R. Shawn Neville. “Our passion is to enable women to look and feel great and to engage her in fun dynamic ways that inspire her. Our exciting new products, which utilize our proprietary performance technologies and our new digital on-line platform, will hopefully inspire her as much as it does us!” To view the multimedia release go to:
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Not yet rated - Stiff Leg Deadlifts | Leg Workouts - The is a super exercise for your hamstrings and lower back. As with all weight training exercise proper form/technique is essential for not only getting the most out of the exercise but also to avoid injury. As you lower the bar towards the floor make sure to keep your eyes/head up as this will facilitate keeping your back straight. And as shown in the video do not bend you knees - remember you are targeting your hamstrings and lower back. Because technique/form is so essential to the stiff leg deadlifts start off with a lower weight and concentrate on performing the exercise correctly. Do not sway as you lower the weight but try to keep slightly more than 50% of your weight on your heals. And as with all weight training exercises keep your movements slow and steady - again concentrate on form not reps. You will get more out of the exercise with proper form and fewer reps than more reps with incorrect form. After you have performed the stiff leg deadlift with the correct technique successfully you can increase the weight. Don't make too large a jump in weight but move the weight up slowly. You should not be in a rush to max out the weight. I'll say it again proper form with fewer reps will yield greater results that incorrect form and more reps. A word of caution - do not perform the stiff legged deadlift if you have lower back problems or are dealing with a lower back injury. And as with any weight training exercise if you begin to experience pain you should discontinue the exercise. For more info drop by our YouTube channel or visit us on the web at and find us on Facebook at
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Brazilian born soccer super star, Eduardo de Silva (or, Eduardo da Silva), suffered one of the more horrific leg breaks in sports history. Only time will tell if he will be able to return to the game after his leg heals. Fans around the world are in a state of shock, anger and mourning over the crippling tackle landed by his opponent.
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